The TRUTH About Selling Your Home During The Holidays

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First off HAPPY HOLIDAYS and THANK YOU for working with, referring to, or following the Larkin Group! We appreciate it more than you might know.

Second, may I separate fact from fiction today on the topic of holiday home sales?

People often think that the real estate market freezes up during the Holiday season, and every time they ask a Realtor they get a standard Realtor answer: “Of course you should list, buy, invest, etc during the Holidays. You should do it all the time!.”☺ Easy for us to say, right?

Let’s eliminate “opinion” and just look at the facts shall we?

In today’s video, I actually show you FACTUAL PROOF of 2 things:
  1. Sometimes the Holidays are actually the best time to sell a home if you’re looking for a quick and profitable sale. Homes are selling in December and they always do. Many. 
  2. A little known fact that most folks don’t consider is what January competition looks like, and how that will affect your ability to sell a home at that time. 
Check out that video right here

Apart from the actual facts I shared in the video above, I came across a great article with 11 reasons to list your home during the holidays. It's written for real estate agents but it applies to any home seller and I think these four are the most important for you.

1. Buyers looking for homes during the holidays are serious about purchasing. They’ve often been transferred for a job, or are in a situation where they need to buy a home quickly. This means a quick, profitable sale for you!

2. Supply usually falls during the Holidays, so if you’re selling your home then you’ll face much less competition.With fewer homes on the market, you’ll have the upper hand in negotiations with a buyer.

3. Buyers are more emotional during the holidays, and you can use this to your advantage when you place a price on your home.

4. Your home will look more inviting during the Holidays, and it will show better. What’s more inviting to a buyer than walking into a warm home with a fire lit and cookies baking in the oven? They’ll instantly feel at home!

These are only a few of the reasons why you should consider selling your home this Holiday season, or at least why you might not want to “blow off” the idea entirely. If you’d like to see al 11 reasons, read this article.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you!

Looking to buy a home this holiday season? Click here!

Looking to sell your home this holiday season? Click here! 

Until next time, a very Happy Holiday season to you and your family!

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