Low Interest Rates and Low Inventory in St. George: Now's the Time to Sell!

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Today I want to address a question that always comes up in the beginning of spring. But before I answer that, I wanted to point out our blog’s free home search. This can be utilized at any time and you will be able to view every home available on the market. EVERY home! We also provide a home value tool that tells you what your home would sell for in the current market. Check it out just to the right of this article.

The question I was referring to pertains to selling your home now or waiting until later in Spring. You do need to consider that Spring comes very early in St. George due to our climate. Which means Buyers are ALREADY HERE whereas they’d be waiting 60 more days in other markets.

Another thing to consider is, of course, your personal  situation; if you want to sell your home and be gone by a certain time, you need to realize that it takes an average of 108 days to sell a home in Washington County (77 with the Larkin Group but who’s counting?) If you want to move out in 108 days, you would need to list your home today.

Now if you wanted to move out by the end of summer, maybe your time to list is 60 days from now. Do remember that it takes just one Buyer to purchase your home; if that Buyer comes around next week and your home isn’t on the market, you missed them.

Finally, right now is a great time to sell due to the low interest rates for Buyers. We know for a fact that rates will increase over time so holding out for a better rate is the equivalent of rolling the dice in Vegas. Not a highly predictable strategy.

However, your goals are unique and specific so we will engineer a plan that’s suits you best.

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