What’s Going on in the St. George Real Estate Market?

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Hello, and welcome back to another edition of GoStGeorgeTV – the place where all of the “Smart Kids” are going to get their St. George Real Estate information! It’s April already and folks are asking, “what’s going on with the St. George Real Estate market this year? We’ll answer just that. Today's video comes to you from the beautiful Ballantyne resort in Charlotte! A few times a year, I travel across the country to receive intensive training, so I can continue to improve my service. I learn how to better market our clients' properties and how to better grow our business! One key element of being out here is having conversations about helping you, your family, or your friends find a great Real Estate Agent anywhere – and I mean ANYWHERE in the United States, even overseas! More on that later.

What's going on in the St. George Real Estate market?

The current market conditions would described, (in super boring terms), as “balanced.” 

There are currently 6.5 months of inventory (total real estate for sale) which indicates a neutral or balanced market. What does this mean? That OVERALL- when you average out every single St. George home sale, the market doesn’t necessarily favor Buyers OR Sellers. But remember that’s an average. The $200k market, for instance, is more of a Seller’s market. Whereas over $500k it’s definitely a Buyer’s market. 

But the current market is very active as we've seen 1,500 home sales in the last six months. At a $250,000 average sales price, that’s a LOT of St. George real estate changing hands. In fact, we were recently ranked the fifth fastest growing marketplace in the entire country! 

So how can we make you look really good with your friends and family across the globe?  

If you’ve got friends or family buying or selling anywhere on the planet where Real Estate Agents are actively available, we can connect them with the very best. Just let them know that your friends at The Larkin Group have a referral partner in that locale and we can save them the pain and drama of interviewing 10 agents!

If you have any specific questions about the St. George Real Estate Market, or if you need real estate assistance of any kind, give me a call! I would love to sit down and discuss your particular situation! We hope to hear from you soon!