St. George Real Estate Market: Can You Really Trust the News?

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What is the REAL Current State of St. George Real Estate Market?

As we “march into March”, I want to remind you regardless of what you are hearing in the news about the real estate market, it is the media’s job to embellish reality! If St. George real estate is warming up, the media defines is as a “meteoric rise.” And if it’s cooling? Same pattern, just opposite direction.

So my job is to interpret the truth of the St. George real estate market, then report that to you regularly!

The reality is that the St. George market is “strong to neutral”, meaning that the market remains normal and healthy!

Currently, Washington County has a 10 months’ supply of homes which means that it would take 10 months to sell every one of those homes. This may be a bit larger of a number in comparison to last year at this time where there was an 8 ½ months’ supply of homes, but it’s MUCH better than say 4-5 years ago when there were 2x as many homes on the market.

So what does that mean for you and your personal situation?

The answer to that question varies greatly based on what price point your home falls in. For instance, if you’re selling a $200k home, it’s going to be MUCH easier than selling a $1 million home where there are far fewer Buyers, and the Buyers at that price point are much more meticulous in their home search.

Want to see exactly how easy (or difficult) it would be to sell your current home?
Here are up-to-date figures for every city in Washington County by price range:

It is also worth noting that last month, 254 homes sold in Washington County. What does that mean? We typically see 300-400 sales in the peak months of March, April and the Fall season, with the peak of summer and winter being slower times. Does that mean you shouldn’t/couldn’t sell or buy in the “off seasons?” Hardly. Summer and winter may be SLOWER, but not “dead.”

As we move forward into the Spring, if you have individualized real estate questions about what your next step could or should be, don’t trust CNN or other news networks!

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