2014 St. George Real Estate Market: What's the Future Benefit of Your Home?

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of GoStGeorgeTV! I’m your host, Jeremy Larkin and I am so excited about the information I will be bringing you. Every two weeks, I will be sending you a market report or important tips that will help you maximize your opportunities as either a buyer, future buyer or homeowner here in Washington County.

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2014: Year of Growth

Everywhere I go, I am always asked about the current state of the market. To be honest, there is no simple answer. The answer always depends whether you will be buying or selling. However, 2012 was considered a “recovery” year for the St. George market, 2013 was considered a “stabilization” year and now we are banking on 2014 being a really strong “growth” year. What I mean by a “growth” year is that home values are still very strong, interest rates are still very low and buyers in the marketplace. 2014 has the potential to be a good year to both buy and sell!

 Five Month Supply of Homes

When we look at our current inventory, I like to put it into a numbers perspective. The numbers do matter! Currently, there are about 1,400 homes on the market; this consists of homes, townhomes and condos. This translates to a five month supply of properties or absorption rate. Basically an absorption rate is how long it would take to sell every home on the market if no one else listed a home. This is a very neutral number sitting right in the middle of the market leaning towards the favor of buyers or sellers.

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